Web Design & Graphic Design

When creating a website, we will create an appearance that will highlight or more precisely emphasize the type of service or product of a site.

To do this, Lemon-co Agency will plan and create elements structuring them by graphic creations, images, fonts, colors and the variance of the layout.

It is a process that will collect that will enhance the image of a company. It is necessary to harmonize several graphic components that speak for themselves.

In addition, you must take into account the use of color schemes that will allow it to be an original and successful. It is important when designing a website for companies not only think about how they want people perceive them but also if their customers are satisfied with what he sees in your site or mobile application. When we work on any design project we make sure to create something unique, original and outside of the box.




The graphic designer has to use all their creativity and talent to make the site attractive. The best way is by using as many colors, images or animations that will give a visual experience for visitors of your website . The design should be pleasing but not too distracting from what you are trying portray on it (the idea). It's important also considering how easy we can read text in a website.


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